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  For as long as I can remember, I've always loved planning and organizing parties and events. I used to spend hours putting together every last detail for each year's birthday celebration as a kid. Even at a young age, it was so important for me to make sure all of my party guests were going to have the best time.


  This love for planning and organization translated to a keen attention to detail and a love of working out all the odds and ends. This served me well in the jobs I held and the events that I participated in during my high school years. I quickly learned that there was another skill that paired well with attention to detail: communication. Naturally, I pursued a degree in communication studies at The University of Colorado in Boulder.  During my time in school and beyond, I worked part time at the clothing store Free People. As a stylist and manager, I was able to fine tune my communication skills through interactions with customers while also refining my sense of style and understanding of design and decoration. I played a large part in the store's social media and learned the importance of creating content and connecting to so many through different channels. 

  My experience working in the fashion industry and social media world cultivated a love for all things creative. After graduating from CU, I found myself wondering how I could combine my affinity for planning with my desire to style and create. With a history of customer service oriented jobs and a desire to continue helping people, I decided Wedding/Event planning and design was the career for me. I am thrilled to be working in a position that allows me to exercise my creative side and indulge my love for organization. 

  Outside of work, my hobbies include exploring the mountains of Colorado, discovering trendy cafés, traveling, and spending time with my  sweet pup, Odin. 

Annabel Bonner, Lead Planner & Founder

Annabel Bonner

Annabel loves all things weddings, from the small details to the big picture. She's been working as the head planner at Antler & Orchid Events since 2018 and has loved getting to know all of her couples.  

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Micaela Manchester

Micaela is Annabel's AMAZING assistant. Micaela has nearly 10 years experience in the events industry from assisting a caterer to working for a florist. Micaela is working on her Masters in psychology and kicking ass at assisting. 

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