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Weddings We Love: Melissa + Shane

This past weekend, we watched Melissa and Shane tie the knot under Melissa's parent's carport. "Under a carport?" you might ask. Well, if you're a Denver local you'll know that the weather on the Summer Solstice wasn't very...summery. With a high temp of 65 degrees fahrenheit and rain forecasted all day long, their mid summer backyard wedding became a carport wedding.

Friday, June 21st:

We found ourselves looking to the sky periodically throughout the day and hoping that the clouds might clear just enough -- but alas the rain persisted. Finally, it was time to make the call. Under the carport was dry and space was aplenty for the ~35 guests who would be in attendance of the ceremony. We set the chairs (from our previously featured Hooray! Rentals) and started decorating. In the photos below, you'll notice an abundance of colorful additions throughout the space: those are just some of the nearly 1,000 paper cranes that our groom, Shane, folded in the months leading up to June. It was such a special touch to have them scattered about -- just another reminder for Melissa of his love and dedication (did we mention there were like 1,000?!?)

The ceremony was perfect. Short and sweet, but officiated by a loved one and so so personal. We're guessing there weren't many dry eyes in the crowd (including us!). As Shane and Melissa shared their first married kiss, the DJ blasted "Hearts on Fire" by Cut Copy and cheers erupted. Despite the not so pleasant weather, we had ourselves a married couple and it was time to celebrate. While guests warmed up and grabbed an appetizer, we quickly flipped the carport from ceremony to dinner ready. This included setting up some gorgeous trestle tables (also from Hooray! Rentals) and scattering a few more paper cranes. Due to the lower temps, a last minute call was made to a local Denver rental company to deliver some outdoor heaters, which did the trick to warm everyone us just a bit. The buffet was set up (delivery from Little India -- Best. Idea. Ever.) and everyone made their way back to the carport to eat, drink, and be merry.

Saturday, June 22nd:

For Melissa and Shane, a huge party with great music and tons of dancing was at the top of the list. For this to happen, they decided to hold the reception the following day with all their friends and family. The party took place in one of the most unique venues we've experienced yet -- a greenhouse. The GrowHaus (https://www.thegrowhaus.org/) is a non profit organization located in a north Denver neighborhood. They provide food distribution, production, and education to their surrounding community. Cool. huh? If you've spent any time in a greenhouse, you'll know it can sometimes get a little...warm. Luckily for us, the rain and lower temps continued through Saturday turning this green house into the perfect spot for a dance party. We arrived early to decorate with a streamer wall, balloons, and yep, you guessed it -- more paper cranes. There was a DJ, a photo booth, and the most delicious bites from A Notte catering. Guests arrived at 6:00 and by 8:15 everyone was ready to dance the night away.

Sometimes plans don't always turn out the way you expect, but in some cases, it's better that way. Melissa and Shane's wedding was an absolute blast and getting to be a part of it was such an honor for us. This was definitely a summer solstice to remember.


Photography: Chandler Kim Photography @chandler_kim

Catering: Little India

Rentals: Hooray! Rentals


Photography: Chandler Kim Photography @chandler_kim

Catering: A Notte @anottedenver

Photo Booth: Socialite Photo Booth

Bar Service: Peak Beverage @peakbev

Venue: The GrowHaus @thegrowhaus

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