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Getting (& staying) Organized 101

The start of a new year always brings new ambitions and resolutions. For some this may be starting a new diet or joining a gym, or even learning a new skill/hobby. For many, though, being more organized is at the to0p of the list.

Being organized can assist in so many aspects of life. From your job to your finances, keeping everything in order can provide you with tools to better understand and manage a variety of things. As a wedding planner, I wouldn't be able to get by if I didn't make a true commitment to making sure I'm keeping things in order. There's a risk of mixing up clients and vendors, missing meetings that were scheduled far in advance, forgetting deadlines, and so many other not so great outcomes.

If you're looking at taking wedding planning into your own hands, or you're just in need of some tips to get organized, then follow along.

1. Use a Planner

I couldn't live without my planner. I take it with me everywhere I go and make sure I write down all important deadlines and dates as soon as I am aware of them. This year, I forgot to reorder a new one until 1/1/2019 and I didn't receive it until 1/8/2019. I had a full week of meetings and things to get done where I didn't have my planner to refer back to and let's just say, it was hectic. Of course an online calendar can be sufficient, but there's something about having an actual planner to write ideas and thoughts in just as they occur. I'm currently using the LifePLanner by Erin Condren and I absolutely adore it. You can personalize the cover so that you're proud to carry it around, and the company also provides decorative stickers and spaces for complete customization. Something simple will also do! If your particular style favors minimalism, there's a planner for you! Target is a fantastic resource for this -- they have many lining their shelves.

If you haven't used a planner before, google provides plenty of resources for learning how to get in the habit of using one and the various ways to start planning out more than just your days (i.e, meals, outfits, habits, etc).

2. Clean your spaces often

It might be easy to come home after a long day at work and ignore the mess surrounding you, but cleaning up can make a huge difference in both your mood and your organization level. Dedicating 15 minutes each day or every other day to pick up and put things away is an excellent way to get started. If your living space is larger, this might mean just getting to one room at a time, but that's better than saving it all for one single day and having to use up hours that could be spent doing something much more fun!

There are other benefits to having a tidy space, too. You're much less likely to forget about that bill that needs paid that might be hiding under a week's worth of junk mail. And picking up/doing the dishes regularly will prevent your place from smelling a little stale.

3. Use a mobile banking app

Having immediate access to your finances can aid in better organization through piece of mind. It's never fun to second guess the state of your checking account after paying rent or making a large purchase. Mobile banking apps allow you to have access to your accounts at the tip of your fingers. You can check your account balance whenever and in turn keep your financials in check.

4. Keep a list of passwords somewhere safe

It's never fun to be in need of something urgently but not remember a password. Keeping a list of all of your passwords somewhere safe but accessible can be a lifesaver. You can download password protected apps where you can keep this information, or have a handwritten list that you store in a safe. Either way, you'll always be able to refer back to this when you're needing it most, rather than having to take the time to change/recover or not have access to something you're needing immediately.

5. Donate the things you don't need

We all have a tendency to make purchased on clothing or other items that we don't really need. If your space is beginning to feel a bit cluttered, take a day to go through it all and donate the items you no longer use. If your closet is filling up, go through and rehang all of your clothing items with the hanger facing the wrong way. As you wear each item, put it back correctly. At the end of a pre determined time, check to see how many clothing items are still hung up incorrectly. If these items didn't make it through your rotation of what you wore, maybe it's time to say goodbye. The same can be said for things in storage that you haven't used in a while, or really anything that might be taking up space but isn't essential. You'd be surprised at how much space the things we don't need can take up!

There are endless ways of making a difference in your level of organization, but these tips are all things that are easy to implement and can make a significant difference. It might not be the easiest change to make, but in the long run, you'll definitely be thanking yourself!

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